How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Guitar

Whether you are a seller or gifting a friend a guitar in a different location, it is important to know what shipping would cost. For this article today, we will provide you with all the information you need on How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Guitar.

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Be it a budget or costly option you are looking to, the cost of shipping is based on the shipping method you decide the service providers you choose. Each shipping option has different characteristics and we shall also be considering those.

Now let us consider a few service providers and how much it would cost to ship with these providers.


FedEx which stands for federal express is one of the biggest transport and logistics companies worldwide. With a FedEx online account, you can create a shipment, set a pickup date, and make payment.

If you cannot access an online account, you can always go the old school way of delivering to a physical center. All the processes involved will then take place there.

Using FedEx would be a good choice for shipping a guitar, and this is because of insurance. When shipping new guitars, content insurance would cost somewhere between ninety cents and a hundred bucks.

However, if you are shipping an old guitar (25 years or older), content insurance on the guitar could be hitting a thousand dollars.

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There are two main shipping options with FedEx. They are; FedEx ground and FedEx express.

FedEx Ground is an economical shipping option. If the delivery doesn’t have to be made urgently and you are trying to save some bucks, FedEx ground makes a good choice.

Also note that FedEx ground can only be used to ship the guitar domestically. So, depending on the size and weight of the guitar, shipping with the ground option would cost somewhere between 75 to 100 bucks.

Your shipping fee might cost more or less, and this depends on the other additional fees.

For FedEx express, it is a faster option. If you have a deadline to meet or delivery date and time, this is the option. It is faster and convenient, however, it costs more.

There are a lot of options for shipping internationally. There is an economic option, premium, and also express.

All these should cost between a hundred to three hundred dollars. It is, of course, dependent on the selected option and item features.


The United parcel service is another popular shipping company. They also have the same policies as FedEx.

However, when it comes to insurance, these two companies differ. Whether old or new, UPS will always ensure your guitar. However, if the guitar cost more than a thousand dollars and/or you are transacting online you will be issued two receipts.

Like FedEx, UPS also has various service options. The service option you select will as well determine the total shipping cost.

Now, domestic shipping would cost between 100 to 500 dollars. For shipping internationally it would cost about 900 to 1500 dollars.

The guitar size, weight, additional shipping service, and shipping option all play a role in the cost of shipping the guitar.

Local Postal Service

Although not being a popular option, the use of local postal service is another option for shipping your guitar.

It is also one of the easiest options of the three mentioned, however, it might not be the best option. When using your local postal service for shipping, there is a limit to the cost of the guitar that you can ship.

Also, with this shipping service, the insurance rate for this is much higher than that of the other services we have mentioned above.

With local postal service, the cost of shipping is dependent on the cost of the guitar you are shipping, its weight, and the shipping distance.

Note that local postal services might not be able to perform international shipping services.

Factors To Considered When Shipping Your Guitar

Let us now take a few factors that should be your guide for selecting the shipping service.


This is pretty much the most important factor when selecting a shipping service. You need to first know how much you are willing to spend on shipping.

This would determine what brand and shipping option you will select. This is because all the shipping services have different options and conditions that determine the cost of shipping.

So, compare your budget with the policies and services of the shipping companies available before selecting.

Convenience And Accessibility

The next thing to consider when picking the shipping service option is how convenient pickup and delivery is.

Does the shipping option you selected cover door-to-door delivery? If no, does the company have a service center close to your delivery location?

Now, if you are shipping the guitar as a seller to a buyer, be sure to pick services that tally with what your buyer has paid for.

These questions must be answered before you then decide the shipping service to use.

Remember, however, that this option might affect the cost of shipping. So, as you consider this factor, keep your budget in mind.

Package Insurance

This somewhat also has to do with your budget for the shipping cost. We can guess that you don’t want to break the bank on your shipping cost. However, it is important that you are sure that your guitar will be safe and sound until delivery.

So, be sure to include a package insurance cost in your budget. Also, ensure that the shipping company you are planning to use has favorable insurance policies.

You might find some very cost-effective options for your shipping option. It does not have to be very expensive.

Conclusion —
How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Guitar

Well, that brings us to the end of this guitar shipping cost guide. As a summary of everything we have written in this article, the most important thing is your budget for the shipping.

In conclusion, the cost of your shipping is determined by the options you are ready to pay for.

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