Why Does Guitar Center Have Forbidden Riffs? Your Questions Answered

Ever wondered “Why does guitar center have forbidden riffs?”. This article aims to demystify the concept of “forbidden riffs” at Guitar Center, offering you a comprehensive understanding.

What Are Forbidden Riffs?

Forbidden riffs are specific musical phrases or songs that are played so frequently in music stores like Guitar Center that they become somewhat of a cliche. They are not technically “forbidden,” but playing them might earn you some eye rolls from employees and other customers.

Why Are They Discouraged?

The main reason these riffs are discouraged is due to their overuse. Hearing the same riff repeatedly can become annoying and disruptive, especially for staff members who hear it day in and day out.

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The Most Common Forbidden Riffs

Some of the most commonly discouraged riffs at Guitar Center include “Stairway to Heaven,” “Smoke on the Water,” and “Sweet Child o’ Mine.” These songs have iconic riffs that are simple to play, making them go-to choices for testers.

Is It a Formal Policy?

It’s worth noting that the “forbidden riffs” are not part of any formal policy at Guitar Center. They are more of an unspoken rule or cultural quirk within the community of musicians and store employees.

Alternatives to Forbidden Riffs

If you want to test a guitar at Guitar Center without attracting negative attention, consider playing less common riffs or songs. This will not only make your experience more enjoyable but also allow you to test the instrument in a broader musical context.

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Why Does Guitar Center Have Forbidden Riffs?: Conclusion

In summary, the concept of “forbidden riffs” at Guitar Center isn’t governed by any formal policy but is more a reflection of the cultural nuances within the music store environment.

While you’re technically free to play any riff you desire, being mindful of these unspoken guidelines can create a more pleasant experience for both you and those around you. So the next time you pick up a guitar at Guitar Center, you’ll be well-informed and perhaps even choose to venture beyond the usual suspects in your riff repertoire