Cordoba C7 CD/IN Acoustic Nylon String Classical Guitar — Full Review

The Cordoba C7CD/IN Acoustic Nylon String Classical Guitar is a beautiful, entry-level classical guitar. It’s reasonably priced and delivers powerfully in performance and quality. But just before we head over to the full review of this guitar, let’s find out one or two things about the brand, Cordoba.

The story of Cordoba’s beginning is a really beautiful one. Apparently, its founder, Tim Miklaucic, grew up around guitars and began to discover that nylon string guitars were fast becoming a passing fad. This worried him as he considered the nylon string guitar to be the mother of all guitars.

Hence, many years later when the time came to found his own company, it’s no surprise that he chose to go for a nylon string guitar one.

Miklaucic has managed to build a team over at Cordoba that believes strongly in the story of the guitar.

The sheer dedication and painstakingness designers and craftsmen employ in making each guitar tells a lovely story of passion. A passion, Cordoba admits is their secret to the huge success they’ve seen.

As they say, it’s not just about playing the guitar. It’s also about the feel, the balance, the smell, and how the guitar resonates against your body when you play.

Here’s All You Need To Know About The Cordoba Iberia Series

The Cordoba Iberia Series consists of all kinds of guitars with all kinds of sizes. These sizes range from half to full sizes. However, all of them come in either Canadian cedar top or solid European spruce tops.

The back and sides though can come in a range of other kinds of materials from African mahogany, to cypress, to Indian rosewood.

Furthermore, there are all kinds of guitars in the Iberia series. There are student guitars, traditional classical guitars, traditional flamencos, and stage-ready nylon string guitars with the pickup and cutaway.

Also, as you can expect from Cordoba, all guitars in this series are handmade and lightweight with a comfortable playing action. Plus, in performance, they come out with a warm and resonant sound. And lastly, all guitars in this series come with two-way truss rods.

Who Is The Cordoba C7 CD/IN Acoustic Nylon String Classical Guitar For?

In the strictest sense, the Cordoba C7 CD/IN is an entry-level classical guitar. This means that Cordoba made the guitar with the beginner in mind.

However, as most well-made entry-level guitars are, this can be used by intermediate players as well.

In fact, if hard-pressed, experts can also make use of this guitar as well.

Furthermore, at a sub-$500 price tag, the Cordoba C7 CD/IN is a pretty affordable classical guitar. This is another reason this works fine in the entry-level category.

It definitely isn’t a budget instrument, but some beginners (and intermediate players) should find this within easy reach. It’s well worth the price, anyway, so it’s a great investment.

Features Of The Cordoba C7 CD/IN Acoustic Nylon String Classical Guitar

Below are the features of the Cordoba C7 CD/IN Classical Guitar:

The Cordoba C7 CD is made with a Solid Canadian Cedar top.

The back, sides, bridge, and fretboard on this guitar are all made with Rosewood.

The guitar is equipped with the top of the line Savarez Cristal Corum Strings in High Tension, 500CJ.

It has a hand-inlaid Rosette that’s crafted with a fan-bracing pattern to increase the surface area of the guitar.

To make the guitar beautiful, Cordoba chose to go with a high-gloss finish.

The guitar also comes with a Deluxe gig bag to make transporting this guitar a breeze.

Solid Canadian Cedar Top

With its solid Canadian Cedar top, this guitar gives a lovely, warm, and dark sound which you’d enjoy. Also, in comparison to spruce, for instance, the solid Canadian cedar top gives your guitar a much fuller sound.

Another good thing about this wood is the fact solid Canadian cedar makes the guitar super easy to play. This is one reason this guitar works fantastic for beginners. Plus, it is also much more responsive than most other types thanks to its lighter weight.

More so, many guitar experts and instructors recommend cedar tops to the students because of their full-bodied tone. A full bodied tone will, most times, cover up poor playing or poor tone.

So, you could say that cedar is a much more forgiving tonewood of choice than many other types of wood.

However, this is not to say that cedar is of lower quality or anything. By no means. In fact, there are many instances where people can’t even tell cedar apart from other woods. It all depends on your personal preferences. As you know, sound and tastes are largely subjective.

Indian Rosewood Back and Sides

Now, there are two types of rosewood used for guitars. There’s the Brazilian and the Indian.

To be completely honest, Brazilian rosewood is the material to beat. Nonetheless, these days, it is quite scarce which is why Indian Rosewood has become more popular.

But how exactly does Indian Rosewood fare? Well, pretty well we must say. The wood might not be up to par with its Brazilian counterpart in clarity and tone, but it makes an excellent substitute all the same.

First off, Indian Rosewood is responsible for giving your guitar an amazing resonance and volume. It also combines with the cedar top to give this guitar a warm and rich tone. This is because, even though Indian Rosewood is heavy, it has this greasiness and porosity to it that make it sound warmer.

Rosewood Bridge And Fingerboard

On the Cordoba C7 CD/IN, the fingerboard and bridge are also made of rosewood – Indian rosewood to be precise. With its rich, darkish brown hue and an even grain, rosewood complements the body of the C7 in an attractive way that we like.

But besides looks, the structure of rosewood also lends a good deal of usefulness to this guitar. For one, Indian rosewood is naturally oily.

This is good because, it would mean that you don’t need a finish. And there are players who love to feel the “naturalness” of wood when they play.

Next, rosewood is open pored and this means that it won’t reflect overtones. Woods that are harder like ebony and maple tend to do this. But with Indian rosewood, your fingerboard naturally makes the tone of any note shine.

Another good thing about this choice of a fretboard is that it attenuates that bright zing that you tend to get from installing new strings.

So, all in all, the rosewood fretboard and bridge make this guitar great for guitarists that love a warm sound, mellow sound.

Savarez Cristal Corum Strings in High Tension, 500CJ

Cordoba made a great choice with the strings of this guitar as they really impressed us. The strings play easily and well from the moment you get the guitar. Plus, they stay in tune for very long periods at a time which is more than we can say for many guitar strings.

Admittedly, the strings are somewhat more expensive than other strings, D’Addario for example. But you can rest assured that you’re spending the extra on quality.

The corum basses are another aspect of these strings that we absolutely love. Especially in the sound and projection department, these strings shine thanks to the corum basses.

And by the time you give these strings the chance to properly break in, you can expect a balance between the projection and bass from these strings.

Finally, you can trust that these strings will last pretty long. Unlike many strings that you have to change within the first few weeks of owning your guitar, these ones last.

Hand-Inlaid Rosette

The hand-inlaid rosette adds a beautiful touch to the guitar adding to the overall looks of the instrument.

Fan Bracing Pattern

According to Cordoba, this fan bracing pattern is supposed to give the center of the soundboard a larger surface area.

With a larger surface area, the guitar can vibrate better and give a much better response to the tension of the strings.

And as you should know, the more responsive a soundboard is, the louder the guitar and the better the tone.


This guitar comes in a natural high gloss finish.

Cordoba Deluxe Gig Bag

The Cordoba C7 CD/IN comes with a well made, deluxe gig bag to help you store and transport your guitar properly.

Why Do People Like The Cordoba C7 CD/IN Acoustic Nylon Strings Classical Guitar?

1. The guitar boasts an exceptional tone.

2. It’s super playable by guitarists of all skill levels, especially beginners and intermediates.

3. For the price, this guitar delivers tremendous value.

4. The guitar offers powerful vibration and resonance.

5. It’s super portable and lightweight.

6. The sound of the guitar is great. Everything from the trebles to the bass all come out rich and clear without any muddiness.

7. It has superior build quality with fantastic action for classical music.

8. The finish on this guitar gives it a great look.

9. As an extra, it comes with a nicely padded gig bag.

10. It’s great for strumming and fingerpicking.   

What We Didn’t Like About The
Cordoba C7 CD/IN Acoustic Nylon Strings Classical Guitar

1. Might not be within easy reach of some beginners. A couple of customers actually hesitated a little before going ahead to get it.

2. A few complaints about buzzing along the upper frets.

3. Lack of humidity could affect sound and structure (some complained about their bridges popping off). So you want to keep this nicely humidified.

Alternative Products To The
Cordoba C7 CD/IN Acoustic Nylon Strings Classical Guitar

More Affordable Alternative: Cordoba C3M Classical Guitar

If the Cordoba C7 was a bit out of reach for you, then you might like the sub-$200 Cordoba C3M Classical Guitar. Now, this guitar is quite similar to the Cordoba C7, although understandably, it isn’t as sophisticated.

Furthermore, the Cordoba C3M comes in a full size with mahogany back and sides rather than Indian rosewood. This is typical with lower end guitars as mahogany is more economical and easier to work with. Don’t get us wrong, mahogany sounds great but you can’t compare it to rosewood.

Besides that small difference, every other thing is pretty much the same. The guitar comes in a beautiful light matte finish and is worth checking out if you’re on a budget.

Higher End Alternative: The Cordoba C9 Parlor Classical Guitar

The Cordoba C9 is a higher end guitar but, this time, for the “shorties” who find the C7 a little too big for them. It’s a small (7/8 of a classical guitar size), lightweight instrument, hence the tag “parlor”. Actually, it was actually previously called the “C9 Dolce”.

Anyway, just like the C3M we saw, this guitar is quite similar to the Cordoba C7. They both come with a solid Canadian cedar top with the typical Spanish heel construction we’ve come to know Cordoba for. Plus, fingerboard and bridge are also rosewood.

However, the back and sides are mahogany, though. But it plays so loudly and does great in the performance department. Moreover, this is a great guitar to try if you’re a “shorty” and find the C7 a little too big.

Guitar With Electronics: Cordoba C7-CE CD Acoustic-Electric Nylon String Classical Guitar

We understand some guitarists like to play their guitar on stage at full blast. If you’re one of those, then you’re probably looking for something with electronics. You should check out the Cordoba C7-CE CD/IN Acoustic-Electric Nylon String Classical Guitar.

It’s exactly the same as the Cordoba C7 except that this time, you also get electronics, making this an acoustic-electric guitar. And, of course, the C7-CE also costs more than the C7 and is slightly heavier.

Lastly, the Cordoba C7-CE CD uses Fishman Presys Blend electronics which comes with a 4-band EQ.

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Quick Comparison Table

Featured More Affordable Higher End With Electronics G
Product Cordoba C7 CD/IN Acoustic Nylon String Classical Guitar Cordoba C3M Classical Guitar Cordoba C9 Parlor Classical Guitar Cordoba C7-CE CD Acoustic Electric Nylon String Classical Guitar
Best For Beginner/Intermediate Beginner “Shorties” All skills
Top Solid Canadian cedar Solid cedar Solid Canadian cedar Solid Canadian cedar
Back/Sides Indian Rosewood Mahogany Mahogany Rosewood
Nut Width 52 millimeters 52 millimeters 50 millimeters Black
Pickup No No No Fishman Presys Blend with 4-band EQ
Strings Savarez Cristal Corum Strings in High Tension, 500CJ Savarez Cristal Corum Strings in High Tension, 500CJ Savarez Cristal Corum Strings Savarez Cristal Corum Strings in High Tension, 500CJ
Dimensions 46 x 8 x 18 inches 46 x 8 x 18 inches 46 x 18 x 8 inches 45.6 x 18 x 7.2 inches
Weight 10 pounds 16 pounds 10 pounds 11.05 pounds
Finish Natural high gloss Light matte High gloss Natural high gloss
Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get replacement parts for my Cordoba C7 CD/IN Acoustic Nylon Strings Classical Guitar?

There are a couple of steps to take if you need replacement parts for your guitar.

Firstly, if it’s a replacement for tuning machines you need, Cordoba would have you send them photos stating the problem. You’d also have to state where you bought your guitar and the date on which you bought it to get a replacement.

Also, if it’s more convenient, you can also get replacement tuning machines from their shop online

Secondly, for malfunctioning electronics, you’d have to go back to your dealer from whom you bought the guitar. And when you get there, have them call Cordoba. Cordoba is doing this to ensure that you are still within your warranty window.

What Is The Optimal Humidity For My Cordoba C7 CD/In Acoustic Nylon String Classical Guitar?

According to Cordoba, you’re supposed to keep your guitar within the temperatures of 60 degrees Fahrenheit and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, relative humidity should be between 45% to 65% at best.

Why Does The Top Of My Guitar Look Like It’s Rippling?

Cordoba calls this telegraphing. It refers to a term used to describe a situation when the soundboard’s inner fan struts are visible from the outside of the guitar. Telegraphing occurs as a result of a couple of factors that are construction-related.

You can read more about that here.

Can I Replace My Nylon Stings With Steel Strings?

Cordoba strongly advises against that. In fact, it’s not just about Cordoba guitars. It’s about nylon string guitars in general. You should never string up a nylon string guitar with steel strings.

Cordoba advises that doing this could cause you to damage your guitar’s bridge, neck, tuning machines, and soundboard beyond repair. By the way, this will void your original warranty on your guitar.

How Can I Care For My Cordoba 7 CD/IN Acoustic Nylon Strings Classical Guitar?

Firstly, your guitar is actually living and breathing. So, whatever happens in its environment will affect it. Yes, even though the woods have been seasoned, they still expand, contract, and breathe. So, as a rule, treat your guitar like you’d treat your own body.

Do not leave it in uncomfortable temperatures either too hot or too cold. Also, avoid exposing it to sudden temperature and humidity changes especially for extended periods at a time.

Ensure humidity is kept at a steady 45% to 65%. In fact, you might want to have a portable humidifier on hand always to keep your guitar sufficiently humid. Also, make sure you store your guitar in a case whenever you’re not playing to preserve its humidity.

What Are Customers Saying About The Cordoba C7 CD/IN Acoustic Nylon String Classical Guitar?

It mostly praises from the customers to the Cordoba C7 CD/IN. We can confidently tell you that most customers who bought this guitar were happy campers. You’d be overwhelmed by the experiences people are sharing with their Cordoba C7 CD/IN. A particular one really struck us.

So, this customer says they weren’t in the market for a nylon guitar, however, after playing this one, they knew they just had to have it. In their words, it was the way the sound jumped out and went all the way through their chest that did it for them.

And when they finally got it, they said and we quote “there’s a real sense that the guitar is the star and I am the fortunate accompanist who gets to share in the wonderful sounds that are made”. Have you read anything so beautiful about a guitar?

Nevertheless, as expected, a few customers still had a few negative experiences with the guitar. One of the complaints was about a slight buzz on the upper frets that some users experienced. Probably humidity problems.

Then there was another fairly popular issue with humidity and the width of the neck (especially for those not used to classical).

But overall, we guess we speak for most when we say that many consider this
Cordoba C7 CD/IN a wonderful blessing like one customer put it.

Our Verdict

In the end, we have to admit that we love the
Cordoba C7 CD/IN from everything we have seen. It’s one of the best in its class, and, in fact, it over delivers for an entry-level guitar. The materials and build quality are top notch, and we find that the tone and sound are just awesome.

It might not be what the pros need even though they can make use of it if hard pressed. But we are quite happy to find that this guitar is worth much more than its price.

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