Cordoba C7 Spruce Vs Cedar – Which Should You Pick?

If you play classical guitar at any level: beginner, intermediate, or expert, you would have heard about Cordoba guitars. Cordoba is popular for good reason, though, they make really good classical guitars. Today, we would be comparing two of those classical guitars: the Cordoba C7 Spruce vs Cedar.

Cordoba C7 Spruce Vs Cedar
Cordoba C7 Spruce Vs Cedar
Get the Cordoba C7 Spruce Top here. Get the Cordoba C7 Cedar Top here.

Without any further discuss, let’s quickly give you the run-down of what this article will contain.

Cordoba C7 Spruce Vs Cedar: Comparison Overview

If you don’t have the time to go through this entire article, this overview is sure to deliver the basic information you need.

However, we advise that you stick around till the end to find get the full, well-detailed explanation of all the features.

The Cordoba C7 is a classical guitar series created by Cordoba. There are three guitars in this series, the C7 SP, C7 CD, and the C7-CE CD.

The C7 SP is a spruce top guitar, while the other two are cedar top guitars. In this article, we’ll be comparing the Cordoba C7 spruce vs cedar.

We’re sure you’re wondering why there are two cedar tops in one series. Well, there’s actually a difference. One the one hand, the C7 CD is purely acoustic and on the other, the C7-CE is acoustic-electric. Aside that, the two are completely the same.

All three guitars in this series have very similar features, obviously. The only difference is the top, one is spruce, the other two are cedar.

In terms of rating, these guitars are closely matched, being in the same group. At the end of the day, the one that edges in front, depends entirely on the taste and uses of the player.

If we were to rate based on quality and performance, we would give every guitar in this series the exact same rating.

For features, just like we’ve mentioned earlier, they are nearly identical save for the top and that one is electric.

Because of that, we would give cedar top the lead based on features because it is available in electric acoustic, unlike the spruce top that is only available in acoustic.

Our Opinion On Pricing – Cordoba C7 Spruce Vs Cedar

Lastly, pricing. The two acoustic guitars (cedar top and spruce top) cost the same, while the acoustic electric costs a bit more. That seems very fair to us, considering the extra value gotten from the electric acoustic.

However, for beginners, we do not know how expensive this might seem. But, if you do have the money, we would suggest that you invest it in something like this which is sure to last you from your beginning stage, through to your intermediate stage.

That’s just a summary, below is a detailed explanation of the difference between the Cordoba C7 spruce vs cedar. At the end of the day we’re trying to get you the best classical guitar for you.

Cordoba C7 Spruce Vs Cedar – Comparison Table Of Features And Specs

Cordoba C7 Spruce

Cordoba C7 Cedar

Full sizeFull size
Savarez Cristal High Tension 500CJ nylon stringsSavarez Cristal High Tension 500CJ nylon strings
European spruce topCanadian cedar top
Indian rosewood back and sidesIndian rosewood back and sides
Hand-inlaid wooden rosetteHand-inlaid wooden rosette
Indian rosewood binding and fingerboardIndian rosewood binding and fingerboard
Two-way truss rod (adjustable)Two-way truss rod (adjustable)
Traditional fan bracingTraditional fan bracing
High gloss PU finishHigh gloss PU finish
Mahogany neckMahogany neck
Gold Floral Tuning MachinesGold Floral Tuning Machines
Acoustic-electric version unavailableAcoustic-electric version available
Gig bag includedGig bag included with onboard tuner for acoustic-electric version

Cordoba C7 Spruce Vs Cedar
Cordoba C7 Spruce Vs Cedar
Get the Cordoba C7 Spruce Top here. Get the Cordoba C7 Cedar Top here.

Cordoba C7 Spruce Vs Cedar- What Situation Fits What Guitar Best?

Cordoba C7 Spruce

Cordoba C7 Cedar

What situation fits what guitar ultimately depends on the player.

What type of sound does the player want to hear? What sound would they preferred for a particular rendition?

If you’re in a situation where you want a classical guitar that has a sharp and distinct sound, something with which you can pick out every distinct note, you would prefer the spruce.

A very likely scenario is if you’re teaching beginners how to play chords and you want them to identify each and every note that forms every chord.

Because the spruce notes are sharper, clearer, and more distinct, it would be easier for your students to pick out from a chord.

On the other hand, the cedar top produces a fuller, warmer sound.

If you want to play something for your lover that they would enjoy. Or you want something to play for an audience of people that prefer calmer music, then you would prefer the cedar top.

Most guitarists at a point in their career get these two guitar tops to use at different points.

However, as beginners, most opt for the cedar top guitars. Because it has a warmer, more wholesome sound, certain little flaws in notes can be hidden.

While with spruce, every misplaced note would be heard with clarity.
Cordoba C7 Spruce Vs Cedar
Cordoba C7 Spruce Vs Cedar
Get the Cordoba C7 Spruce Top here. Get the Cordoba C7 Cedar Top here.

Cordoba C7 Spruce Vs Cedar- What Do They Have In Common?

Well, the Cordoba C7 European spruce top, and the Cordoba C7 Canadian cedar top both belong to the same series of the Cordoba classical guitars- C7 series.

Because of that, they possess all the same features, except the wood used in making the top of the respective guitars.

With that said, in this section of this article, we would be discussing all the features shared by the C7 spruce top, and the C7 Canadian top.

Savarez Cristal High Tension 500CJ Nylon Strings

Nylon strings are fast becoming the most popular type of strings used in classical guitars. They have become increasingly popular because they have been tested to be better than the other types of strings that were used in the past.

Also, nylon is a lot less coarse on the fingers than the older, less frequently used, steel strings. That gives you a lot more playing time before your fingers start to hurt.

Because of this fact, Cordoba ensures that all of its classical guitars come with nylon strings. The Savarez Cristal High Tension 500CJ nylon strings are made with genuine nylon.

The three treble strings are made with improved nylon and are considered “plain strings”. They produce a sound as clear as transparent nylon and come in an array of color choices. These strings are the E1, B2, and G3 strings.

The bass strings are created with “wound nylon core”. This is an innovation by Savarez which they claim has never been done before.

This innovation provides great nuances alongside beautiful sounds. You can just hear them immediately you strike the string because of the strings’ quick response.

These strings are a lot more durable than steel strings. They do not break as easily, and of course, do not rot.

However, they are high-end strings, which means that, when they do break, replacing them would cost a bit. It is important not to replace with cheap strings as they won’t give you a beautiful sound.

Wide Neck

Just like other classical guitars, the Cordoba C7 spruce top, and the Cordoba C7 cedar top both have wide necks at 52 millimeters. This is always one of the problems new players face when learning to play classical guitars.

If you have small fingers, you might want to take this into consideration even further. Although, if you do intend to learn, and have the time to put into it, your fingers, however small, would be hitting the first string in no time.

Cordoba C7 Spruce Vs Cedar
Cordoba C7 Spruce Vs Cedar
Get the Cordoba C7 Spruce Top here. Get the Cordoba C7 Cedar Top here.

Two-way Adjustable Truss Rod

Both of the guitars we’re looking at today feature an adjustable truss rod. This truss rod is what determines how tight or free the space is between the strings and the neck.

Small changes to the truss rod affect the sound and feel of your guitar while you’re playing.

High Gloss Polyurethane Finish

Talk about sleek! Both the Cordoba C7 spruce top, and the Cordoba C7 cedar top come with a high gloss polyurethane finish.

Not to bore you with all the big-name chemical words but this just basically makes your guitar look shiny. We’re sure you don’t want a guitar that looks dull and dead. This high-gloss finish makes your guitar come alive to the eyes of your audience.

This might not see very important, but you have to know that your audience will see your guitar, while you set up, before they hear you play. A beautiful guitar that catches their attention will make them want to hear you play even more.

Apart from looks, this finish also makes it easier for you to clean and maintain your guitar. A regular wipe with a rag will keep this looking good as new for a long time.

Gig Bag

With every purchase you make on either of these guitars, you get a free gig bag. If this is your first classical guitar, we’re sure this is great news as you would not have to spend extra money looking for a bag to put your guitar in.

The bag keeps your guitar clean by keeping it away from dust.

Cordoba C7 Spruce Vs Cedar- What’s Unique To Each Product?

Features Unique To The Cordoba C7 Spruce Top

Spruce Top

Just like is written in the name of the product, this classical guitar is made with a spruce top. For those who do not know, spruce is a type of wood used by luthiers to make the top of classical guitars.

There is a very big divide when it comes to the argument of spruce vs cedar. A lot of people feel like there is no one that is “better” but only a preference based on what the player wants to hear. While that is true, we cannot deny the fact that there are distinct differences between the two tops.

Before we proceed, we would like to say that this is a generalization. There would be few guitars with tops that might not exactly match the characteristics portrayed here.

The spruce guitar is the more traditional of the two, being used in the industry long before cedar was introduced. Spruce guitars produce a very direct sound, just like you would hear from a bell, or other similar striking sounds.

Each note played is distinct, individual, and clear. The sound produced by spruce guitars normally sustains longer than the sound produced by cedar guitars.

With the spruce guitar, what you hear are sharper, brighter tones, when compared with the tones heard from the cedar guitar.

Features Unique To The Cordoba C7 Cedar Top

Cedar Top

Classical guitars made with cedar wood at the top often produce fuller, more consistent sounds. The cedar guitar produces a warmer, more mellow sound, when compared to the spruce top.

Cedar top guitars are not the traditional choice for guitar tops. However, they began to gain increasing popularity from the mid-1960s.

Beginners often opt for the cedar guitar for two reasons:

First, its increasing popularity. We know how everyone loves to follow the trend, and recently, the trend has been cedar top guitars. Most people when asked why they prefer the cedar guitar cannot give a concrete reason but often refer to what friends have said.

Secondly reason beginners opt for this option is because the sound is not as distinct and clear as the spruce. Because the spruce is very clear, every little mistake is heard properly. While, on the other hand, the warmness of the chords on the cedar do well to cover little mistakes.

While all these we’ve mentioned are facts, the truth still remains that the difference between a cedar top and a spruce top is not noticeable to everyone.

In the video below, we see Levi Akkerman, who is a professional guitar player and teacher play the same rendition twice. The first is with a cedar top, the second is with a spruce top. Listen to see if you can hear the difference.

Acoustic-Electric Version Available

Unlike the spruce top, the Cordoba cedar top is available in two types: purely acoustic, and the acoustic electric. The acoustic electric comes with a Fishman Presys Blend electronics. It also comes with an onboard tuner.

However, it is important to note that the acoustic-electric version of the Cordoba C7 cedar top, costs more than the traditional acoustic version.

Cordoba C7 Spruce Vs Cedar
Cordoba C7 Spruce Vs Cedar
Get the Cordoba C7 Spruce Top here. Get the Cordoba C7 Cedar Top here.

Cordoba C7 Spruce Vs Cedar – Unique Pros

Cordoba C7 Spruce Top

  • A much clearer, brighter sound.
  • The spruce top is the more traditional design for classical guitars, which means its more respected.

Cordoba C7 Cedar Top

  • A fuller, warmer, darker sound.
  • Helps to hide little mistakes as a beginner.
  • Available in both acoustic, and acoustic-electric versions.

Cordoba C7 Spruce Vs Cedar – Unique Cons

Cordoba C7 Spruce Top

  • Some people prefer a full sound, something this guitar won’t give you.

Cordoba C7 Cedar Top

  • While you get a full sound with this guitar, certain notes might be lost in the fullness of the chord.

Cordoba C7 Spruce Vs Cedar – Pros Common To Both Guitars

Cordoba C7 Spruce

Cordoba C7 Cedar

It comes with a gig bag that allows you keep your guitar clean and away from dust.It also comes with a gig bag that serves the same purpose.
The Savarez Cristal High Tension 500CJ nylon strings are excellent.The Savarez Cristal High Tension 500CJ nylon strings are also excellent.
High-gloss finish to give the guitar a shiny look.

The guitar looks really good because of its high-gloss finish.
Cordoba C7 Spruce Vs Cedar
Cordoba C7 Spruce Vs Cedar
Get the Cordoba C7 Spruce Top here. Get the Cordoba C7 Cedar Top here.

Cordoba C7 Spruce Vs Cedar – Cons Common To Both Guitars

Cordoba C7 Spruce

Cordoba C7 Cedar

The neck for this guitar is a bit wide. This can cause quite a problem for beginner level guitarists. They would need some getting used to.The cedar top version of this C7 guitar is no different. It also has a wide neck that can cause a challenge for beginners.
Humidity is a big challenge for this guitar whether it’s too high or too low. Owners have to take extra care to guard against that.

Same also goes for the cedar top guitar as well.

Cordoba C7 Spruce Vs Cedar – General Feeling Among Users

Cordoba C7 Spruce

Cordoba C7 Cedar

People who used this product love the direct sound it provides. It was most-welcomed by music teachers who required their students to listen to the individual notes in every chord.

On the downside, a lot of people had issues with humidity. The guitar needs to be stored at an average humidity. Too high and the wood will swell.

That swelling can cause bolts to lose, tightened joints to loosing, and general spoilage.

On the flip side, too low humidity and the guitar sound feels too dry. It was even reported once that the bridge popped off because of low humidity.

Beginners, intermediate, experts: every phase of guitar players loved this guitar. They love the fullness and richness the sound provides.

Same with the spruce top, people who used the cedar top have problems with where to keep their guitar.
Most people had to opt for their basement so they could regulate the humidity surrounding the guitar, thereby, keeping it safe.

One thing is sure for both guitars though, you’d need soundhole humidifiers. Or you could consider getting a Cordoba Humicase.
Cordoba C7 Spruce Vs Cedar
Cordoba C7 Spruce Vs Cedar
Get the Cordoba C7 Spruce Top here. Get the Cordoba C7 Cedar Top here.

Cordoba C7 Spruce Vs Cedar – Our Verdict

Cordoba C7 Spruce

Cordoba C9 Cedar

So, here’s our verdict. If you’re finicky about your sound or you’re a guitar purist, get the Cordoba C7 Spruce Top here.

This will give you a most natural and beautiful tone. Plus, all the sounds also come out sharp and distinct too.

Be careful though to ensure that you’ve built a minimum level of skill before trying out spruce. If you don’t, it might be easy to get frustrated.
As for the cedar top, it’s a great choice for everyone. Beginners would love it, and experts looking for a fuller sound would also love it. Get the Cordoba C7 Cedar Top here.

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