How To Tune A Mini Guitar

A mini guitar, also known as a guitalele is one instrument that creates a lot of confusion when it comes to tuning. So today, we are going to find out how to tune a mini guitar. 

The biggest confusion is usually whether to tune it as a guitar or as a ukelele. This instrument is sized like a ukelele, it also has a similar string arrangement with the ukelele.

However, the mini guitar has six strings like a standard guitar. So, it is safe to say that the mini guitar is a mix of a regular guitar and a ukelele.

Now, the main question is, how do you tune the mini guitar?

How To Tune A Mini Guitar

Understand The Stringing

The first thing to do to properly tune a mini guitar is to understand how the strings work. As mentioned earlier, the mini guitar has six strings like a standard guitar. However, four of the lower strings have the same notes as the four strings of the ukelele.

Tuning The Mini Guitar

First of all, using an e-tuner for the mini guitar will not give you the proper tune for the instrument. This is because the e-tuner is programmed to tune a standard guitar.

So, tuning with e-tuner makes the mini guitar have very low octaves. The strings would also be floppy and sagging.

There are two steps that would work best for tuning a mini guitar. The first would need you to have a standard guitar.

When you place a capo on the fifth fret of a standard guitar, this creates the open notes of a mini guitar. With the notes, you can now tune the mini guitar.

For the second option, you can make use of a clip-on tuner. The important thing about tuning the mini guitar is the pitch.

So, with the clip-on tuner attached to the headstock of the guitar set to chromatic settings you can now tune the mini guitar.

You are to tune the strings as follows:

  • First string – A
  • Second string- D
  • Third string – G
  • Fourth string – C
  • Fifth string – E
  • Sixth string – A


Now, the main issue that comes with tuning a mini guitar is the pitch to use. With the two simple tips in this article, you can easily tune your mini guitar and produce good sound.

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It is also important to note that there are other different methods of tuning the mini guitar that could work perfectly.

The two methods mentioned above are key-A based. Some other tools or methods might tune the mini guitar like the standard guitar. The only difference would be that the mini guitar will be tuned to a higher pitch.

For a key E based tuning method tutorial (like a standard guitar), below is a video that would guide you through the process.

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