How To Pack A Guitar For Shipping

Ever been scared about packing a guitar for shipping and it suffering damage before it gets to its destination? Well, in this article we would learn how to pack a guitar for shipping.

In this article today, we highlight a few simple steps that will keep your guitar safely packed from origin to destination.

When packing a guitar for shipping, there aren’t many tools or materials needed. All you need is some wrapping material, a box, and some tape.

This wrapping material could be a bubble wrap or inflatable packaging protection. If you don’t want to have to spend money, then you can make use of good old’ newspapers for this.

Step 1 – Preparing The Guitar

The guitar has a lot of sharp edges and movable parts that could get damaged in the process of shipping. Now, the first and most important step when packing your guitar for shipping is to properly secure the guitar parts that could suffer damage.

The first thing to do is to loosen the strings of the guitar. It is not necessary to completely loosen all the strings. However, for this step, it is important that the guitar strings aren’t having any tension.

The next things to secure on the guitar are its movable parts – which are basically the tuning knobs. You can make use of any of the wrapping materials to wrap around the tuning pegs.

This ensures that the pegs don’t turn or break as a result of impact during transport.

As an extra cautionary measure, you can also wrap some bubble wrap or newspaper around the headstock of the guitar.

Also, if the guitar is electrical, the volume and tone knobs of the guitar need to be securely covered or wrapped.

The final preparation for the guitar is for the strings and the fretboard. It is important that you make sure that the string and the fretboard don’t clash as a result of motion. This could cause a scratch to the fretboard.

To this, you should just place some newspaper between the strings and the fretboard. You should let this run from the nut to the pickups (if the guitar has any).

In this step, just make sure that any part of the guitar that could be damaged by contact, motion, or pressure, is properly guarded.

Step 2 – Fill Up The Spaces Around The Guitar — How To Pack A Guitar For Shipping

This step is for when you place the guitar in the guitar case or gig bag. It is extremely important to make sure there is no form of motion while the guitar is in transit.

During transport, the casing is bound to experience some shaking. Having spaces between the guitar and the case could cause them to collide during transport. This is likely to cause damage to the guitar body.

So, you can use any wrapping material or newspaper to fill up the holes in the case. Make sure to fill and pad every space between the guitar body and the case.

How To Pack A Guitar For Shipping

Step 3 – Boxing The Guitar — How To Pack A Guitar For Shipping

This is the final step for packing your guitar, placing the guitar in a box. Once your guitar is safely packed in its case, you need to secure it in a box.

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When getting a box, make sure it is something of moderate size. The box shouldn’t be too big or too small. Too big means too much space to fill, and too small could create pressure on the guitar, thereby damaging it.

So, all you need do is to get a box that has enough space to properly contain your guitar and some packaging protection.

There are a lot of ways to create packaging protection for the guitar inside the box. You can go the cost-effective way of creating layers of protection with newspapers.

You could also do the same with bubble wraps. A costlier option (which is probably the safest option), is to get an inflatable rubber package protection.

These are very good for keeping packages safe as they cannot break or burst – except under extreme pressure.

Once the guitar is secured in the box, you then need to tape the sides and edges of the box. This taping acts as a seal on the box to keep tight shut. You don’t want the box opening up during transport, and the guitar falling out.

Conclusion — How To Pack A Guitar For Shipping

We have now come to the end of this article. If you follow these few steps we have explained above, you can rest assured that your guitar will arrive safe and sound to its destination.

For a more visual representation of the steps we gave in this article, we leave you with a video showing a few guitar packing tips for shipping.


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