Where Can I Sell My Guitar For A Good Price?

So you’ve grown tired of your old guitar and want to trade it in to get some cash for some other gear. The problem is that you don’t know where or how to sell that old guitar. In this article, we are going to answer your question “Where can I sell my guitar for a good price?”

Before you start looking for where to sell your guitar for a good price, it is important that you understand how to sell the guitar first. Without the knowledge on how to do it, you might go about it the wrong way and under-sell your guitar. 

How To Sell Your Guitar In 3 Easy Steps

Find Out What It’s Worth

If you’re trying to get the best value out of your guitar, it’s best to check its current asking price in the market. First, find out how much guitar costs if it’s sold new. This would give you a brief idea of how much it has depreciated over the years from when you bought it. 

If it’s still the same price or even higher may be due to inflation, then you’re in for a treat. If it’s lower, which it most likely would be, that’s not a problem. You should still be able to get good value for the guitar if it’s in good condition. 

After checking for the guitar new, check for used options. Check sites online that sell used stuff and check the average people are selling it. This is the price you want to target to sell. You could do something slightly cheaper so that people are more drawn to your listing than others. 

The only situation where you might want to sell slightly higher than the average listing is if your guitar is in pristine condition. That is, you didn’t as much as leave a single scratch on the instrument. 

Prep The Guitar For Sale

Now that you have an idea of what you want to sell your guitar for based on its present state, it’s time to prep it for sale. To do this, you’ll need to clean the guitar thoroughly. 

Cleaning your guitar is a lot more than just using a rag to wipe the body. If you don’t know how to clean a guitar thoroughly, check out our guitar cleaning guide here. It should help you get your guitar looking clean for the photos. 

Take The Photos

If you’re trying to sell your guitar online, then you definitely need to get the best photos possible. To get the best photos, you need to get really good lighting. Don’t just go into your basement and take a few photos with your smartphone and call it a day. 

Even if your guitar looks good in real-life, people looking at a tiny screen won’t know that if the picture isn’t good-looking. 

We’re not the best when it comes to photography so we’ve enlisted the help of the youtube video below to teach you how to photograph your guitar. You definitely need to check out the video so you can get the best photos of your guitar:

Where To Put The Guitar Up For Sale

Now that you’ve cleaned up your guitar, taken good photos, and you’re ready to sell the guitar, where are the best places to put the guitar up for sale at a good price? Let’s find out:

Your Local Music Store

The first place you should try to sell your guitar is at your local music store, and it’s pretty easy. All you need to do is walk into the store, ask them if they would love to buy your guitar, and sell it if they say “yes”. 

The problem with selling at a local music store is that they might not want to buy it for the price you want to sell, especially if it’s a small store. 

However, it doesn’t hurt to find out for yourself first. Who knows, you might even meet a buyer in the store who would prefer to take your guitar off you rather than buy a new one from the store. And if the stores aren’t willing to pay what you want for the guitar, then it’s time to try a different means. 

Where Can I Sell My Guitar For A Good Price

Photo by Ruel Del Jamorol on Unsplash

Selling Your Guitar Online — Where Can I Sell My Guitar For A Good Price?

Alright! So your local music store isn’t willing to pay what your guitar is worth and you’ve decided to sell it online instead. That’s a great idea. You are most likely to get the value of your guitar if you choose to go this route. However, it doesn’t come without its drawbacks. 

If you want to sell online, you’ll need to be very patient because it’s a game of chance. While you can get contacted the very next day, you might also have to wait a few weeks or even months. So just get ready. 

Now that you know the risk involved, below are 3 essential tips to note when trying to sell your guitar online. 

Tip 1 — Be Honest And Thorough

There are a lot of online retailers who lie about their products. Don’t be one of them. It’s better to be completely honest and let your potential customers know all the problems and defects before they buy your guitar. 

If you lie and the customer finds out after the purchase, on most e-commerce sites, you might be compelled to receive a return and issue a refund, or you might not get paid at all. So, be as honest and as thorough as possible. Don’t leave any stone unturned. 

Most times your buyer would appreciate your honesty and if the price is right, they would still buy with the small issues the guitar has. 

Tip 2 — Always Be Ready To Ship

The online marketplace is a very fast-paced one. You blink and you’re out. Therefore, it is important that you remain prepared and ready to ship your guitar once a buyer has paid for it. 

If you wait too long to ship the guitar, the buyer might have enough time to change his mind and cancel the order, leaving you where you started. Having a box ready to go is a very good idea. 

Tip 3 — Reply Quickly With Good Customer Service

You should always be ready to reply to your potential customers. You should also be prepared to answer questions they ask honestly. 

Apart from replying quickly, another thing to note is to be friendly. Be very friendly and calm with your potential customers. If they ask a question, compliment them and answer gently. One word answers won’t cut it. 

It would shock you how many people would simply ignore a great product because of bad customer service.

What Are The Best Sites To Sell Guitar Online? — Where Can I Sell My Guitar For A Good Price?

Alright so you know how to sell a guitar, where to sell a guitar, and you’ve made your choice. You want to sell your guitar online. 

Well, the internet is a global village with a lot of different options to choose from when it comes to selling used. What are the best options to go for if you’re trying to sell your used guitar? Let’s find out.


The American company is one of the biggest e-commerce companies in the world. The reason we listed this first is that eBay is mainly known for used products. So, people searching for something on here are most likely already looking for something used. 

Also, presently, there are about 182 million people on eBay, actively. That’s a massive audience and definitely a bunch of people who would be interested in buying your guitar off of you.

However, it’s not perfect. For instance, if your guitar is very popular, you might get lost in the millions of already existing listings. This would make it more difficult for your listing to be seen and therefore, reduces your chances of selling. 

Another thing is that as a new seller on the platform, you don’t have any review and people often prefer to buy from people with great reviews. 

Finally, eBay takes about 9% of the selling price of the item sold. That coupled with the fact that eBay shoppers love to look for “best deals” and “cheapest items” you might not get the full value of your guitar. 

Want to sell on eBay? Click this link


Reverb is another great site. The good thing about reverb is that it’s mainly for music-related gear. So, people who go on the site know what they’re looking for. This means that you have a higher chance of getting the value of your guitar. 

The sad thing about reverb is that it doesn’t have as many users as eBay. That means you have fewer eyes on your guitar. However, looking at the fact that the eyes know what they’re looking for, we think it’s not that bad. 

Also, if you do sell your guitar, they take a much smaller cut than eBay.

Want to sell on Reverb? Click this link


We couldn’t possibly complete this list without the giants. The singular biggest e-commerce site is definitely a place to list your used guitar. 

The reason we put this last is that although it’s the biggest site in terms of users, it’s the most difficult to navigate. First of all, you have to submit it to Amazon for them to accept it. 

For Amazon to accept your listing, the guitar you’re trying to sell must already be available to buy (new) on their site. Now, you might think that they have such a large library that you guitar definitely is on there. 

However, since it’s not a specific music site, if your guitar is not very popular you might not be in luck. Sorry. 

Want to sell on Amazon? Click this link

Photo by Kenny Luo on Unsplash

Conclusion — Where Can I Sell My Guitar For A Good Price?

Alright! In summary, we’ve learned the following:

  • How to sell your guitar
  • Where to sell your guitar
  • How to sell your guitar online, and…
  • The best places to sell your guitar online

Now, you’re definitely well-equipped with enough information that’ll allow you to sell your guitar with ease. We hope we’ve been of help. See you next time!

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